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How to Implement Cell Merging in a Grid

This feature enables cells to be merged on different row depending on whether WebClientGroupRow is set to Y or N. This will only work for the first column and it will merge all the cells for the rest of the columns. In the grid, you will need to add a new field with the control name of WebClientGroupRow. This will be used to identify whether the cell in the specific row needs to be merged or not.

1. Set the control name for the grid.

2. Set the control name for the field that needs cell merging like the following format.

<controlname>:<gridcontrolname>.ColumnsArea:grouprow=true:<column text>

For example:

ProductMaterial:GridP.ColumnsArea:grouprow=true:Product Material

3. The WebClientGroupRow field needs to be visible. However, you can set the width of the field to 0 so that it is not visible on the page.

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