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How to Implement Rich Tooltip to an Edit Field

Rich tooltip feature enables the user to see tooltips with images and formatted text on an edit field. This feature also enables the developer to specify the delay time after hovering before it displays the tooltip message. The information of the tooltip has to be available on the web page. To display a rich tooltip on an edit field, you will need to set the control name of the fields like as follows.

  1. For the field that does not have a tooltip message to display, you can just set the control name of the field without any parameter.
  2. For the field that you want to display a tooltip message, you can set the control name of the field like the following.

<controlname>:<attachpoint>:tooltipfields=<fields control name where you extract the information from separated by comma>:showdelay=<in millisecond>:default

For example:


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