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How to Implement Grid Column Filtering

Grid column filtering enables you to attach a column grid filter on the grid header.

How to implement client-side grid filtering.

1. Set the control name of the grid column like the following format.




<MyFilterColumnControlName> should be unique and not contain any space.

<GridControlName> is usually default to Grid1P or GridP.

<ColumnText> is set to the text of the column that you want to display on the web page.


For example: AirportOriginCode:Grid1P.ColumnsArea:Origin Code


2. Set the control name for the edit field that is used as the filtering field on the grid header.




<MyFilterFieldControlName> should be unique and not contain any space.


For example: Code:Grid1P.Grid1PAirportOriginCode.Filter:cell=Grid1PAirportOriginCode

 Note: the sample function attached in this article is created using CA Plex v7.2

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