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How to Implement Fixed Right, Fixed Left, Fixed Top, Fixed Bottom on Plex Controls

WebClient enables fixed right, fixed left, fixed top, and fixed bottom set in Plex panel properties. How to implement fixed positioning correctly as follows.

  1. To activate fixed positioning feature, we first have to add Define.FixedPositioning=Y in file.
  2. For TOP APPLICATION functions, we must use the custom page template called ResizeChild-page.wcli(attached).
    1. In Eclipse, add ResizeChild-page.wcli to your custom template project.
    2. In Plex create a new function called ResizeChild with the same value in its implementation name.
    3. Make that all your TOP APPLICATION functions inherit from the ResizeChild function(This only applies for the functions in which you will use the Fix properties).

Set the Fix properties for your control according to your needs.

Example 1. Configuration


Example 2. Configuration


For TOP APPLICATION functions like the ones showed in our examples you must use the ResizeChild-page.wcli template.
For TAB controls you must setup the Fix properties in the bean control not the child site region created for the TAB control.

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